Food Bank

Once a month the Centre provides to its clients a kit of non-perishable food along with some fruits, vegetables and breads.

Used Clothes

        Clothing Department Office


Clients may take 10 clothing items per month per person, provided that the total amount does not exceed 40 items for a family with 4 or more. Clients may visit the Clothing Department more than once a month. A nominal fee of $2.00 is due for every visit.

Other Household Items

The Centre has a very limited supply of  household items (plates, glasses, books, small electrical devices, shoes, etc.) that are given free of charge to our clients. Some items are sold for a nominal fee which helps the Centre defray some of its costs.

Seasonal Programs

Apart from its regular programs, the Centre also runs some seasonal programs such as:

  • Summer Camp the Centre provides the financial resources to send some of the children of its registered clients to summer camp.
  • Backpack Program – the Centre provides backpack for children of its registered clients at the beginning of the school year. This program is limited to children from senior kindergarten to age six.
  • Christmas Toys at Christmas time the Centre provides registered clients with toys for their children ages 0-12.
  • Gift Certificates at Christmas time the Centre provides a limited number of gift certificates for its registered clients.

Health Related Programs

The Centre partners with other ministries/groups that help people address health-related issues such as:

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Grief Recovery
  • Depression Recovery