Our Clients

The Centre serves a diverse group of people in need who live in the Oshawa and Courtice area. Among them are the following: single mothers and their children, senior citizens, new immigrants, low income families, people with a variety of health issues living on disability and those under Ontario Works (social assistance).

Our Guidelines

Treatment of Volunteers – the Centre is run by dedicated volunteers who invest a great deal of their time and talents to help our clients. Volunteers deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and no abuse of any kind is tolerated.

Who We Serve – the Centre serves individuals who live in Oshawa and Courtice, Ontario. Those living elsewhere should seek assistance in their local area.

Family Unit – all individuals who live at the same address are regarded as one family unit. Food allowance is based on the number of individuals in a family unit.

Clothing Fee – the clothing and other non-food items we provide are free. However, a nominal fee of $2.00 per person or family is charged at each visit to offset some of the costs incurred in running this department such as electricity and water.

Clothing Allotment – each individual or family unit is entitled to take 10 items (clothing or other non-food items) per month per person, provided that the total amount for each month does not exceed 40 items.

Food Consumption on the Premises – the consumption of food or drink inside the Centre is discouraged. Although some tolerance is allowed in the reception area, absolutely no food or drink is allowed inside the “Clothing Department”.

Control of Children – your children are welcome if you have them under your control and they are not disruptive or destructive. If we feel that your children are out of control, you and your children will be asked to leave the Centre.

Extreme Weather Conditions – in case of extreme weather such as heat alerts or winter advisories, the Centre may have to be closed without advance notification.

Monetary Gifts the Centre does not provide monetary gifts for rent, hotel stays, food, meals, etc.