Our Partners

The Centre has established a partnership with two other Food Banks in the Oshawa area: The Salvation Army and the Simcoe Hall Settlement House. The three of us have synchronized our services in order to impartially assist as many people as possible. Because our clients are entitled to receive goods once per month, this approach ensures that no one receives more or less than another.

Our Sponsors

The Centre is supported by churches, businesses and private citizens that allow this Compassion Ministry to meet the basic needs of our clients all year. Our donors include:

College Park Seventh-day Adventist Church – primary donor and supporter.

ADRA Canada provides monetary support every year through the Ontario Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Feed the Need – provides a weekly donation that is the Centre’s primary source of food.

Loblaws Company Limited provides an annual donation.

Loblaws Superstore – provides food and other products.

Joe & Barb’s No Frills provides food and space for in-store donations of food and other items.

Nadim’s No Frills  provides space for in-store donations of food and other items.

St. Vincent’s Kitchen provides food items and maintains a cordial and positive relationship.

Oshawa Community  provides thousands of pounds of non-perishable food items during two food drives per year.

Individual Supporters provide most of the financial support that maintains the Centre.